Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture Overload

Here's a few happenings in the Alba Family;
Look! Even old people like the chickens. Guelita and Guelito came to visit yesterday.
Zach likes to chase the chickens when they escape the coop.
Nick has been playing baseball and went to St. George for a tournament.
Zach has picked up cooking.
Nick found a new use for his head gear.....a place to keep his booklight!
These two darling little girls came to visit yesterday.
Nick enjoys over-sized items from the bakery.
Nick played Abraham Lincoln for a school play.
More building of the chicken coop....
This was when the chickens were cuter.
Are you interested in how Easter went at the Alba Home? Click here. (We promise we love our children but this is too funny to not document)


Mindy said...

Where on earth did you get such a large donut? I have never seen anything like it.
Cute pictures, I love your family.

Nancy C. #12 said...

LOVE IT THE PICTURES MADE ME LAUGH! Mom and dad look great! Don't let guelita get near the chickens she will kill them pluck them and make chicken enchiladas for you in a jiffy :-)

Aunt Nancy

Patrick said...

I like how Zach is wearing one of dads work boots, and one snow boarding boot, that kids parents should buy him some shoes. Maybe then he would stop stealing all of mine too.

Lincoln said...

Granny and pappy are lookin' at that chicky like it needs a good pluckin and scalding. I'd probably fit perfectly in a ball jar and feed the chil'en for a long, long time. Missing chickens? they would be prime candidates. Inspector Clouseau

Anonymous said...

i did not pick up cooking. that was for school.

Missy said...

Dear Alba Family,

Did you know it is now 2011? Time to update the old blog. I know, I'm not really one to talk. But at least I've posted something this year!